Thorne Cottage Photographic and Picture Framing Studios are committed to providing a professional service to clients across the South East of England and beyond.  The owner and main photographer is Gareth Baillie-Stewart, who has been involved in photography for most of his life. 

"My Father was a very proficient award winning photographer" says Gareth.  "I remember I must have been about 6 or 7 years old when my Father showed me how to develop photographs in his darkroom.  That was an early start!" 

Gareth has been committed to photography at both an amateur and professional level for some time, and has experience in many different photographic disciplines.  He has a unique take on photographing the ordinary and that passion shows through in his photography.

"I would look at a subject, perhaps one that has been photographed many times before and think to myself 'How can I do this differently?'  Sometimes this might mean climbing a tree or lying in the middle of a road.  Whatever it takes to get the shot."

Gareth's photography has not solely been confined to these shores. He has developed his skill and love for photography in many countries around the World.  After leaving the UK to live in India for three years he has travelled extensively around Asia capturing many subjects.  As a diving instructor he has also found a new 'pool' of subject matter under the waves.

"It is like a different world" says Gareth. 

"Once you get under the water you enter a different dimension.  I really love underwater macro photography and the weirder the better. It is a challenging environment and if you can take photographs 30m under the sea you can take them anywhere"

After running a studio in Germany for a year and a half, Gareth has returned to the England settling in Bexhill, where he has built a purpose designed studio on the Ninfield Road.  He has equipped it with the most modern photographic equipment and is certainly well set up to make a major impact upon photography in the South East and beyond.

"I not only enjoy the satisfaction of photographing people, but also enjoy the more commercial discipline of product photography.  I think it's the precise nature of this discipline that attracts me.  It could take a day just to photograph one object and then maybe another to adjust it in Photoshop, but the end results are stunning."

But Thorne Cottage not only provides a wealth of photographic services.  It also boasts a framing studio.  Gareth was trained by the Fine Art Trade Guild, and provides framing services to not only his studio clients, but also independently to the general public.  So, once you have your professionally produced studio or wedding photographs, there is no need to seek out a framer. Gareth can have them ready to hang on your wall straight away. 

Thorne Cottage Photography is certainly a unique enterprise and should be an asset to the South East and beyond.